Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Kahar (Kashyap)

In Sanskrit it means “Skandha-kara” one who carries things on his shoulder. A tribe who engage in cultivation, particularly in connection with growing water nuts etc in tanks, fishing, palanquin carrying ,and domestic service. This variety of occupations renders a complete analysis of the tribe and sub-castes. Kahars are sometimes known as Mahra( Sanskrit means Mahila(Woman)) because they have an entry of the female apartments. Another name for them is Dhimar( Sanskrit means Dhivara-a fisherman)Another name for them is Bhoi which southern India word ( Telgu & Malyalam boyi,Tamil bovi)In other places they are called as Singhariya because they cultivate the Singharanut or water caltrop.

At the last Census the Kahars recorded themselves under fifteen sub-castes, they are as Batham,Bot, Dhiuwar or Dhimar,Dhuriya,Gharuk,Jaiswar,Kamkar,Kharwar,Mahar,Mallah, Raikwar,Rawani,Singhariya,Turai.